Selecting the right carpet can be a difficult task, as factors such as safety, acoustics and environment must be taken into consideration. In this blog, our commercial carpet company shares how to choose the right carpet for communal spaces.

What type of carpet is best for commercial use?

The best kind of carpet for commercial space has to be robust enough to withstand the wear and tear of thousands of feet on a daily basis. Our fibre-bonded ranges are the most reliable due to having anti-ravel and fray technologies, as well as being cost-effective. We have five different products that make up our fibre-bonded collection, with our bestselling Supacord being popular ever since its launch in 1973. 

Fibre-bonded carpet is used in most education settings, but can also be a good choice for communal areas in offices or in spaces like hallways and stairs. This is because these areas often get a large amount of traffic daily, and so need to be durable to last for many years to come.

Learn more about fibre-bonded carpets in our blog.

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What are the Characteristics of Carpet?

There are many positive features of commercial carpets which can help to improve learning, productivity and even help to boost creativity. In communal areas, these can be highly beneficial, for example, acoustic properties help to keep down the noise in busy hallways. Keep reading to discover what these features are. 

Incredible Acoustics

When a communal area gets busier, it also gets louder. A quieter space spreads calmness, making it a better experience for users. It is important to keep noise to a minimum in spaces such as apartment buildings, where residents live. Although other options such as insulated walls can help to control sound, selecting the right flooring is very important.

Carpet is one of the best and cheapest ways to reduce sound reverberation in a room. The thicker the carpet, the more sound benefits there are. With a BS EN ISO 10140-3 standard, our Hobnail range reduces noise impact by a maximum of 25 decibels!

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Latest Technology 

With so much technology available to us, it would be wise to consider some of the latest trends, when choosing the best carpet for communal spaces. Using strategic planning and supporting software can help you to fully utilise a space, from apartments to libraries.

For all of our carpet ranges, we offer BIM models on the NBS source, available via our download centre. This cutting edge software helps you to plan, design and manage your vision, in order to optimise projects.

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It is more crucial than ever to assess the environmental impact of the materials used in renovations. Think about where you are buying your materials from, the values of the manufacturer and whether you are making the best choice that you can.

Our  Supacord range of carpet tiles have an A+ BREEAM rating. This means that they meet high standards for indoor air quality, responsible sourcing of materials, construction waste management and more. All of our products are also UK manufactured, each retaining a 10-year warranty for a long-lasting life cycle.

Safety First 

Of course, when it comes to any communal area, keeping users safe is of utmost priority. It is necessary to have fire safety management plans and vital measures, such as extinguishers and fitted fire alarms. It is also crucial to choose the right building materials.

When selecting the right carpet for a space, those with high fire class ratings are most desirable. Our Hobnail and Supacord carpet tiles have a Class B fire class rating, making them a great option. They are also anti-static, meaning that they are safe for use in rooms with computers.

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What is the Best Colour Carpet not to Show Dirt?

Communal areas such as halls, break areas and stairs are often the first places to become dirty and stained due to the number of people using them daily. Therefore, choosing a colour that is less likely to show dirt is key to maintaining a good environment. The best colours to choose are deep brown and grey tones as they will hide most stains and make the appearance of dirt less noticeable. However, if you’re working to more of a colour scheme throughout your building, you can choose other darker colours such as deep green or navy which can have a similar effect. 

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Heckmondwike FB is one of the UK’s leading commercial carpet manufacturers, with over 40 years of experience catering for design professionals. Don’t just take our word for it though, we’re the go-to provider for Middlesex Flooring.

“We have worked with Heckmondwike FB for a number of years now and over that period have developed a great relationship with both the internal and external sales team.

They’re a joy to deal with and their fantastic products and service makes Heckmondwike FB our go-to carpet for education projects. They’re a company we can always rely on to deliver.” – Middlesex Flooring

To learn more, or request a free carpet sample, please contact 01924 406 161 or email 

Heckmondwike FB has launched its celebrated design-led commercial carpet tile range, Odyssey.

Pairing a bold design with durable features, Odyssey is completely unique to the fibre bonded carpet sector.

One of a kind, eye-catching interiors have never before been so easy to create. Contrasting colours are ideal for walkways, social distancing, or contemporary breakout spaces. The 50cm x 50cm tiles are interchangeable and can be easily moved, allowing for continuing customisation for years to come.

Encouraging further creativity, Heckmondwike also suggests mixing and matching with their leading Supacord range for particularly striking designs. Choosing contrasting, strong colours will really pop against the cool tones of Odyssey for an original look.

The diverse nature of the carpet tiles presents endless design benefits. Chevrons, checks, and geometric patterns add character to any commercial area. Placing two alternating colours to create directional walkways and contrasting blocks can help to distinguish between specific areas, creating zones within open-plan spaces. Easy to lift and move, the tiles can be swapped to adapt to your changing needs.

The updated range includes six specially curated colours in a range of modern blues and greys, blending effortlessly into any space. These shades are said to promote wisdom and calmness, the ideal environment for working or commercial areas.

With Covid-19 bringing increased cleaning measures, this product has been built to withstand regular and intense sanitisation. A study in the Virology Journal recently found that carpets are less hospitable environments for viruses due to their porous qualities, making Odyssey the ideal purchase.

Odyssey has been developed with superior durability, withstanding heavy footfall and not ravelling or fraying. This heavy contract rated carpet is supported by a 10-year warranty, promising long-lasting, quality results.

Luckily, high quality does not mean a high price tag, and Heckmondwike value affordability. Instead of using cheap alternatives, the company encourages customers to try a free sample before they invest. Odyssey holds a Bfl-s1 fire, has anti-static properties and delivers a 20dB reduction in impact noise to encourage a more positive environment.

A truly out-of-this-world range, the relaunched Odyssey range is available now.

To learn more about Heckmondwike’s Odyssey range and its relaunch, contact the company’s expert team. Call 01924 406 161 or email