Fibre-bonded carpets – the best of both worlds

Fibre-bonded carpets – the best of both worlds

16 September 2019

When it comes to the world of commercial carpets, there are a host of manufacturing methods that can be used to create a final product. 

One such method is fibre-bonding, which Heckmondwike uses to manufacture its carpets for the commercial sector. It’s a process that has stood the test of time and produces carpets and carpet tiles that are extremely durable and versatile.

As such, the process is perfect for a wide variety of heavy-duty sectors such as education and apartment complexes

The reputation of fibre-bonded carpets is just that, with the company’s Supacord range being the most obvious example of a product that can withstand any hard-wearing environment. 

Despite all this, fibre-bonded carpets can sometimes be seen as unexciting, especially in more luxurious projects, such as modern office developments.

However, this is far from the truth, with Heckmondwike’s products going some way to dispelling the myths surrounding fibre-bonded carpets.

Fibre-bonded processes can be used to create linear patterns in the carpet, allowing for designs to be created at ease.

The most obvious examples of such designs can be found in Heckmondwike’s creative range.

Array, the company’s most popular design-led product, with its striking markings has provided a high-end finish to projects right across the country. The pattern delivers a creative touch that can rival any other, whilst still providing all the benefits traditionally associated with fibre-bonded manufacturing.   

Heckmondwike also manufactures the Odyssey range, which has pushed the boundaries of fibre-bonded carpet tile production. With vertical and diagonal patterns, Odyssey offers a finish no other fibre-bonded product can.

If installations require a subtle design, Montage and Night Sky are ideal. Both have a dot pattern running throughout and come in a shot of colours that match popular corporate schemes.

So, when it comes to fibre-bonded carpets, don’t get sucked into the stereotype that they all just serve one purpose – being durable. Heckmondwike’s products deliver a creative finish, perfect for any installation.