5 Tips for Keeping Commercial Carpets Clean

5 Tips for Keeping Commercial Carpets Clean

25 March 2020

Every business should prioritise hygiene and cleanliness, and, for offices, educational facilities and retail spaces, it’s extremely important to keep carpets clean.

During this time of uncertainty, many businesses may have temporarily closed their doors, but for those who haven’t and for those who will be reopening in the coming months, here are our top cleaning tips to help prevent germs spreading.

Identify high traffic areas

Certain areas of all commercial spaces will see a higher footfall than others, and it’s important to pinpoint these areas in order to provide the extra care needed. Keep track of these places by writing them down or creating a cleaning chart – it’ll help to maintain higher cleaning standards.

Frequent vacuuming

Vacuuming your carpet regularly is key when trying to keep it clean and will also help extend its life. High traffic areas should be cleaned more often than others – daily if possible to avoid a build-up of dirt.

Deep cleaning

Although vacuuming will remove a lot of dirt from your carpet, it won’t remove 100% of it. This is why it’s important to give your carpets a deep clean at least three times a year. For high traffic areas, you should do a deep clean once a month.

One of our favourite carpet cleaning products is Prochem’s Microsan spray. It is effective against bacteria including MRSA and viruses including Hepatitis B, HIV, and coronavirus. It also has an apple blossom fragrance which will keep your commercial space smelling as fresh as it looks.

Have entrance mats 

It might seem like a basic measure, but having entrance mats is a great way to stop as much dirt and debris being brought into a commercial space from outside!

Avoid eating or handling food in some areas

Most offices will have a separate area for eating and drinking, but a lot of businesses also allow staff to eat at their desks, which could create more spills. If you’re concerned about hygiene, try and limit where people eat in the workplace or in schools and universities to prevent more mess occurring.

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