The importance of classroom design on student learning

The importance of classroom design on student learning

6 August 2020

According to a recent study by the University of Salford, the design of a classroom can impact student performance by 25%. This study alone goes to show just how important it is to create a space which motivates and inspires students.

The relationship between classroom design and student learning is by no means a new discussion. Many forward-thinking teachers, headteachers and educators have been convinced that classroom design plays an important role in the learning experience.

To create a space that works for both the student and teacher, there are several factors to consider. Read on to see our blog explore some of these!

Acoustics are everything

Noise is the number one distraction within a learning space. It’s been proven that high noise levels affect learning and student performance. Therefore, it’s important to be able to control sound levels and reduce the amount of noise transmitted.

Soft furnishings and fixtures are fantastic for absorbing sound. According to the American Society of Interior Designers, carpet is 10 times more efficient in reducing noise than any other flooring type. The findings also showed that carpet was able to prevent sound from travelling between rooms.

Our carpet tiles are BS EN ISO 140-8: 21db accredited, which means the products can effectively reduce impact noise in a range of commercial environments.

The colour of learning

Add a splash of colour to your classroom. Not only does colour provide the perfect opportunity to portray personality, but it can be used to improve the learning experience and student performance.

Bright colours can inspire and motivate students, and even get them excited to learn. It’s important to have a basic understanding of colour psychology to ensure you are using the right colours. For example, yellow and red can increase creativity and alertness, whereas green and purple can create a peaceful and calm environment.

Flooring design provides an easy way to inject colour into classrooms. The carpet tiles in our Array and Supacord range offer a wide-ranging colour bank, from subtle greys and blues to vibrant yellows and purples. These colours match corporate colour schemes easily, which makes them ideal for learning facilities.

Multi-purpose space

The best classrooms are easy to adapt. With teacher and student sharing the same space, the classroom should be designed in such a way that facilitates the needs of both. This can be achieved with configurable furniture and flexible fixtures.

Some teachers may want to alter the space to suit different activities, such as group projects and individual work. Moveable furniture enables them to do this with ease and limits the distractions for students, and can help different types of learners.

Classrooms are bound to evolve, so that’s why we made our carpet tiles changeable. Our products can be easily lifted off the floor and moved, if necessary to suit changing spaces. This can make renovations easier to carry out, and much cheaper.

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