The Heckmondwike Sales Team go Litter Picking!

The Heckmondwike Sales Team go Litter Picking!

28 September 2022

Recently, our fantastic team of Area Sales Managers from up and down the country donned their work uniforms, grabbed their litter pickers, and headed out to help clean up their local areas!

As a UK manufacturer, it is important to us here at Heckmondwike that the land we live on is clean, tidy, and remains a wonderful place to live for everyone. It’s essential to us to do our bit for both the environment, and for the people who live in it. So, we arranged a day where our eager Area Sales Managers could make an impact on their own communities, by cleaning up discarded and unwanted litter.

As well as looking unsightly, litter is bad for the environment in several different ways. Firstly, as it degrades, it releases chemicals which are harmful to the earth and air. It is also known to harm and kill animals who may encounter it. Discarded rubbish can also be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and diseases which can spread amongst humans and animals, as well as encouraging the spread of pest species. All these reasons make it clear just why it’s important to clear up as much litter as possible, in order to protect the world we live in.

Bob Mortimer, our UK Sales Manager, said: “Bringing together our area sales managers from around the country on this initiative was something both myself and the company were very passionate about. Whilst we can’t clear the entire country of litter, doing our bit to help clean up our local areas, whether that’s in Scotland or South London, feels like a great way of making a small but firm difference.”

“As a company, going forwards we’ve pledged to give our eco-conscious sales managers a day of work-time each year to take part in a local litter pick, contributing to the clean-up of their communities!”.