The Acoustic Benefits of Carpet

The Acoustic Benefits of Carpet

14 April 2021

According to the American Society of Interior Designers, carpets are 10 times more efficient in reducing sound than other flooring types. Experts also believe carpet can reduce airborne noise by up to 35%, as well as destroying the reverberation and echo in a room.

There are many reasons why noise reduction in spaces has positive outcomes. For example, it can help users of a space feel relaxed and cosy, as well as focused and motivated.

In this blog, our commercial carpet company explores the acoustic benefits of carpet, and why it is a sound decision to install it in spaces.

Better communication


One of the ways that carpet controls noise levels is through controlling reverberations. This means that noise is less likely to echo in and around carpeted spaces, making them feel welcoming and relaxing.

Laminate, wood and tile flooring cannot control reverberations, as sound bounces off instead of being absorbed. This can completely destroy the atmosphere of a space, making it feel empty, uninviting and noisy.

Therefore, it’s important that any flooring or facilities management specialist takes this into consideration. Especially in busy environments, such as classrooms, colleges, large office developments and residential spaces. Most of our carpet tiles tested under BS EN ISO 140-8 and produce favourable results, meaning they can drastically reduce noise in spaces such as this.

Relaxing and tranquil


Researchers suggest that silence is even more relaxing than listening to music, and can release tension held in the body. It is incredibly important that users of a space feel comfortable in their environment, and carpet can help to achieve this.

As carpet can drastically reduce noise levels, a space can become a hub of tranquility. In the office and classroom, a more relaxed atmosphere can raise the overall morale of space users and reduce stress.

As well as the acoustic benefits it has, carpet has incredible insulation properties, allowing heat to be trapped to make a space cosier. The carpet tiles in our Array and Supacord range are part of a thicker and denser fibre-bonded range, for added insulation and acoustic benefits.

Stay Focused


Less noise and sound reverberation means that people tend to be more focused, which in turn, boosts productivity. This makes carpet the perfect choice for the education sector. A noisy environment can be a huge distraction to anyone trying to learn, listen or work. If sound levels are kept low, people will be happier and the results will speak for themselves.

The right colours choices can also help students to concentrate and stay focused. According to colour psychology experts, the colour green in the classroom can evoke these effects. The carpet tiles in our Supacord range provide a wide ranging colour bank, making them perfect for inspirational educational facilities. Supacord is also available with an acoustic backing, reducing the need to install expensive specialist underlay.

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