The 5 Best Carpets for School Renovations

The 5 Best Carpets for School Renovations

27 July 2021

While the kids might be enjoying time off school, the rest of us are hard at work – renovating the school! Throughout the summer, many school procurement teams may be using this time to begin some much-needed classroom enhancements.

This is an even greater concern as we manage the hygiene considerations of the pandemic. With this in mind, every piece of school furniture has a role to play – from encouraging distancing to preventing the spread.

So, where do carpets play a part? In this blog, our commercial carpet company lists the 5 best carpets for school renovations.

For the entrance


It’s the first area students, teachers and visitors see, so you’ll want your carpets to make an impression. When choosing entrance matting, it’s important to stick to the ‘six-step rule’. This generally assumes that people will not consciously wipe their feet when entering a non-domestic setting.

As such, you need to choose a Bespoke Entrance Mat that traps dirt, and can do so within six steps – which also affects the size of the matting you choose.

For the classroom


Arguably the most important area of the school, the classroom needs to be a place that inspires. This includes offering a multi-sensory experience. Heighten emotions with dramatic reds or bring a sense of calm with jade greens – as more than two-thirds of us are ‘visual learners’, we need to be careful about colour choices.

But likewise, we cannot overlook acoustics. Carpets can reduce airborne noise by up to 35%, so we always recommend a carpet tile with acoustic backing. The Supacord range offers bright colours and better acoustics, helping to reaffirm that multi-sensory experience.

For high traffic areas


Did you know that schoolchildren walk up to 15,000 steps per day? This calls for a heavy-duty carpet tile, particularly in areas like corridors. Not only should your carpets be durable; they should also be easy to clean. A lot of steps makes for a lot of mud!

Our Diamond range features a cobbled design for quick and easy vacuuming. It’s also available in a range of colours, from simple greys to dashing reds.

For the school hall


The school hall has so many purposes – from hosting assemblies and dinner times to those treasured school discos. So, you’ll want a flooring that’s just as flexible.

Turn your school hall into a sports zone, dance floor and performing arts centre all in one with our Expo Tiles. These can also be laid on top of hard floors for a carpeted effect.

For breakout areas


As we get past the worst of the pandemic, we should expect to see more ‘breakout areas’ in classrooms. These are generally relaxing spaces where students come to chat and explore creative ideas.

You can designate specific areas with coloured tiles from our Array collection. With colour fastness and impact noise reduction, they promote clearer thinking with a touch of style.

Looking for something else?


No matter what your school needs, we’ll find you a carpet tile that fits the bill. If you’re looking for something different or out of the ordinary, please feel free to get in touch.

Heckmondwike FB is one of the UK’s leading commercial carpet manufacturers with over 40 years experience in the education sector. To learn more, or request a free carpet sample, please contact 01924 406 161 or email