While it’s probably not something you’re super aware of, carpeting is an industry with changing trends just like any other. In the world of carpet, trends usually last a bit longer than in fashion, but it’s important to keep an eye on commercial carpet trends if you want to create spaces that are fashionable and functional.  Read on if you’re looking to renovate student accommodation, classrooms, or your own shop floor.  


Maximalism is getting more popular in many design fields, including flooring. Bold colours and patterns are the ones to watch for in the top carpet design trends of 2024. Eye-catching designs will be used more in office spaces and residential properties, adding life to any room. Look out specifically for vibrant shades and jewel tones Like our Array carpet in Fuschia.


Pastel Tones

As well as this though, we’re seeing a rise in pastel tones like baby pinks and delicate yellow hues. Soft colours work best in relaxation areas where they can help create an understated look to the room and inject a bit of freshness and fun. One warning though – they are trickier colours for commercial settings that experience a lot of foot traffic as they’re more liable to staining.


Natural Designs

With 90% of our time being spent inside (according to the Environmental Protection Agency) the last few years have seen a surge in biophilic interior design. More than just bringing the natural world inside with house plants and utilising natural fibres like bamboo, you can inspire the soothing effects of outdoor spaces with subtle patterns that remind you of the oceans, bark, or other natural elements. You’ll want to choose carpets with designs that imitate these textures, like carpets that mimic natural elements in soothing, natural tones. If you own a commercial property like a healthcare facility or a school this is definitely a trend to consider jumping on.


Eco-conscious Choices

The general public continues to become more eco-conscious. Especially when designing educational facilities, the thoughts of sustainability will for sure be on the minds of designers and buyers more than ever. Conscious creation is a huge trend for 2024 with more people choosing environmentally friendly materials. This means we’re likely to see a huge rise in people buying carpets made from recycled materials like polyester in the next year.



Practicality may not seem like it would be a huge trend for Interior trends. But for commercial carpet trends of 2024, it’s a huge one. We’re seeing more multifunctional spaces across all industries as people continue to eat, work, and socialise all in one space. Think about the mess. That’s why many commercial properties are now being designed with this in mind. Carpets now have to be resistant to a whole host of stains, damages, scuffs, and abrasion. This means you’ll see far more use of Luxury Vinyl Tiles in flooring as well as more durable carpets like our Hobnail carpet which you can view here.

Inexpensive Options

The unfortunate threat of the recession is sure to impact carpet trends for 2024. It’s forecasted that people will spend less on flooring options or look for cheaper alternatives. So there may be a movement away from hardwood flooring towards cheaper products like vinyl and carpets. Designers of commercial projects are looking more than ever, for something low maintenance that’s also durable so they can spend less on cleaning, repair, and replacement. Cheap and cheerful is the way forward.



The best way to keep up with upcoming commercial carpet trends is to follow industry leaders and keep an eye on retailers. You can find more of our content and our products through our webpage and get in touch today to chat about our fabulous range of products.

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