With lockdown measures slowly starting to ease in the UK and businesses looking to reopen, the question of how to maintain safe social distancing measures is on everyone’s minds. The safety measures so far have helped prevent the further spread of Covid-19, and it’s imperative we continue to stick at it.

So, following the advice on Coronavirus from the UK government, at Heckmondwike, we have transformed our Supacord carpet tiles products into Social Distancing Carpet Tiles to encourage safe social distancing within schools, colleges, universities and commercial working environments as they gradually adapt to new practices, and here’s how.

Easy to set at 2-metre distances

Not only are our 50cm x 50cm tiles easy to set at 2m distances, but they can also be used anywhere throughout a building. Setting the tiles wherever you need will help to create certain walkways, nudging people in the right direction and providing a clear understanding of where they can walk and where they can stand, ensuring a safe distance is kept at all times.

Reduced risk of accidents

Some social distancing measures within schools or workplaces, such as loose lay mats, can cause more slips, trips and falls which may, in turn, result in failure to remain 2 metres apart from colleagues or classmates. Social distancing tiles are easy to fit and will decrease this risk.

Bright colours to increase awareness

For schools, in particular, the bright colours are a helpful way to remind young children where they should be walking or sitting. The Supacord range offers a range of different colours too, so you can have some fun with the design.

Our standard colours are steel grey, green and blue, but if required, you can also choose from 39 different shades of blue, red, orange and more.

Reinforce the message

By using our Fusion technology, we’re able to laser engrave arrows and safety symbols on the tiles, reinforcing the message to stay 2m apart from one another. The arrows also make it easy to know which direction to walk in and will avoid unwanted clashes.

Heckmondwike’s Social Distancing Carpet Tiles are now available to purchase, however, due to the current situation, we are unable to provide samples of the product. For more information or to purchase your carpet tiles, please call us directly on 01924 406 161 or email: sales@heckmondwike-fb.co.uk.