According to a study by the University of Salford, classroom design can impact learning by 25%, both positively and negatively! With children making their return to school, after a prolonged period of homeschooling, there has never been a more important time to review learning spaces.

The Easter holidays provide an ideal window for interior renovations. In this blog, our commercial carpet manufacturer explores some of the simple ways you can improve learning spaces for students, staff and visitors.

Comfortable learning 


For the comfort of students and teachers, it’s important that classrooms are warm and inviting.

The University of Salford research cited temperature as a key factor in learning progress. Carpet is an exceptionally good thermal insulator and can be up to ten times warmer than other floor coverings. In addition, carpet is 10 times more efficient in noise reduction compared to other flooring options; which can benefit student learning.

The carpet tiles in our Array and Supacord range are part of a thicker and denser fibre-bonded range, for added insulation and acoustic benefits.

Hygienic hub


The cleanliness of a learning space is also important. Beyond the more obvious links between hygiene and health and attendance levels, behavioural and performance factors come into play. A clean environment can reduce distractions and create a more engaging space.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, hygiene has been paramount. Carpet may seem like a less obvious flooring choice as it can’t be mopped like hard flooring. However, porous surfaces such as carpet are in fact less hospitable to viruses, trapping them in the holes of the surfaces and reducing the opportunities for transmission.

Used in classrooms for over 40 years, our Supacord carpet tile range is ideal for learning facilities. In addition to being a more hygienic option, it’s durable and heavy-duty which means it will continue to stand the test of time.

Adaptability is key


In the University of Salford study, one of the key factors that impacted learning was adaptability, or how easily teachers could rearrange the classroom layout to support that day’s learning goal. A traditional rigid layout, with desks arranged in rows facing the teacher, was shown to have a negative effect on learning outcomes.

The pandemic has additionally created an increased focus on functionality, rather than cosmetic appearance. Configurable furniture and flexible fixtures have seen a surge in popularity this past year, as spaces have had to continually adapt to meet changing rules and guidelines.

Carpet tiles can be used to create different zones within a classroom and all our products can be easily lifted up and moved, making it simple and much cheaper to support the ever-changing needs of learning spaces.

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