For many of us, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschooling is the norm at the moment. While teachers have provided learning packs and you may have had plenty of tips on how to assist your kids with them, it can still be a struggle finding the balance between home and school.

So, Heckmondwike FB have put together some of the best ways to create the ideal environment where children are still eager to learn.

Have a dedicated learning space 

First thing’s first, dedicate certain parts of the house to learning. By doing this, the kids will know when to focus on school work and when it’s time to relax and play. This doesn’t just have to be one room, it could be certain parts of every room, but a dedicated space for learning only is important to improve concentration.

Make the most of your space 

Throughout the day, kids don’t just stay in one classroom. Take them outside too or go into the hallway for an assembly before they return to their workspace. You could always create a reading area in the living room, a table in the kitchen for maths and if the weather’s nice – take the science projects outside!

Make sure everyone’s comfortable 

Just like adults in an office, children should have appropriate chairs and a table to ensure they’re sitting comfortably throughout the day. They might want to work on the floor at some point if they’re building something or are required to move around a lot – just make sure they’re not hurting their backs.

Get creative 

Make the space fun! Classrooms are full of colour, toys, pictures and so on. So, why not create a star chart or some fun visuals for the wall. They’ll love it and it will make your space feel a lot more educational.

Stay organised

The last thing you want is more mess in the house or to lose important school work. Use files and pencil pots or even just a shoebox to ensure all your child’s work is kept safe. Keeping the space clean and tidy will also improve productivity!

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