Have you found burns on your apartment block carpets? Singed floors in your clubhouse from a dropped candle or a naughty customer? It’s not the end of the world. While you may think it’s time to overhaul your entire flooring completely, we’re here to walk you through fixing burns in your carpet.

I’ve spotted a burn: What do I do?

Don’t be afraid, accidents happen. You don’t need to give up on carpets altogether and start grabbing the hardwood planks. Carpets are actually fixable and sections can be easily replaced, meaning that you can refresh your look for a fraction of the price of replacing the entire floor.


The first step is don’t panic! The next is to identify the type of burn.

Big carpet burns

For large carpet burns (for example, straighteners knocked on the floor or irons put down before they’ve cooled), you’ll need to patch the area. If you haven’t kept the scraps from your carpet installation, don’t fret. One option at your disposal is ordering a sample of carpet, or purchasing a small amount of the same carpet or one in a similar colour.


Cut a shape, just larger than your burned area. To match best you’ll want the patch to be the same pattern as your carpet and the pile to run in the same direction. Top tip: a square patch will always be easier to hide than a circle patch!


Once you have your spare carpet ready, you’ll need to carefully cut out the burnt area. A sharp utility knife is your best bet for this as you can be very precise. Place the patch over your carpet, press firmly, and cut around it. Then simply glue the area, place the patch, and lay something heavy on top for a few hours so it can fully dry. Brush the carpet out and it should be as good as new.


If you’ve used carpet tiles, then you’re in luck. Approaching your carpet manufacturer to ask for a new carpet tile is an option, and then all you’d need to do is use adhesive to lay the tile down. Voila, good as new.

Tackling the real big issues


For very large burns or complex carpet patterns then it may be time to call in the experts. They can use their years of experience to make sure that it looks like your carpet was never touched, and most fixes take only a day or two maximum, meaning you can open your doors to customers, clients, and students as quickly as possible. Carpet repair experts are available across the country, oftentimes at a low cost too.


Obviously, the DIY approach is the cheapest, but there’s no shame in hiring professionals when the problem becomes too big for you to tackle alone.

Avoiding carpet burns


It’s not always possible to avoid burns and spills. They’re a part of life. That’s why it’s important to know how to tackle them afterwards. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce their frequency. Implementing no-smoking policies indoors not only helps make sure your furnishings don’t smell of nicotine but also that you won’t be left with cigarette burns on your carpets. Instructing your residents how to properly take care of their hot tools and candles can help reduce accidents too.


Choosing high-quality, durable carpets for your retail and commercial spaces will help you avoid serious damage too, meaning that you’re less likely to have to replace your carpets if accidents like carpet burns do happen. If you’re looking to fit carpet into your commercial space or overhaul your current floor, take a look at our most hard-wearing carpet options like Hobnail or Supacord.


So you see, a full replacement of your Heckmondwike carpet isn’t necessary when you know how to fix burn marks.


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