Welcome to the latest instalment of our ‘People of Heckmondwike’ blog series, where we showcase the faces behind the commercial carpet tiles manufacturer. This week, we caught up with Yorkshire Area Sales Manager, John Barraclough.

Continue reading to learn about his favourite product range, visions for the future and his famous feature in a special edition of Weetabix Top Trumps cards.

How long have you worked at Heckmondwike?

I joined Heckmondwike in May 2007 on a 6 month contract to cover maternity in the North West Area. From October 2008, I was offered the full time position of Area Sales Manager for the North East of England.

This left 10 months, during which time I worked on various projects including temporary coverage of the Midlands Area Sales Manager and 3 months as temporary Dispatch Manager. From September 2013, I was also responsible for Scotland in addition to my existing area.

Finally in 2017, after a major restructure of the business, I took on responsibility for Yorkshire.

What does your role entail?

I am responsible for the promotion of sales of Heckmondwike products by gaining specifications through architects, councils, interior designers, facilities management companies, builders and more. I also visit flooring contractors, flooring wholesalers, and various other flooring outlets.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

I once featured in a limited edition of Weetabix Top Trumps Cards. The moustache looks a bit tragic…

How do you envision the future of carpet manufacturing?

I think that the manufacture of man-made carpets will continue for many years. However, companies will need to embrace sustainability and make far more use of recycled products in order to become more environmentally friendly.

What is your favourite product range and why?

It would have to be Array carpet tiles, as they offer an incredibly creative finish.

Finally, favourite biscuit to have with a brew?

Being a true Yorkshireman it has to be anything from Fox’s Biscuits, especially when someone else has bought them!

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In our new ‘People of Heckmondwike’ blog series, we’re showcasing the faces behind the commercial carpet tiles manufacturer. This week, we introduce you to our Commercial Manager, Jeremy Broadhead.

Read on to find out his vision for the future of carpet manufacturing, his favourite product range and his preferred biscuit to dunk in a brew.

How long have you worked at Heckmondwike?

I have worked at Heckmondwike for 10 years now, and it has been great to see the company change and adapt over that time.

Day-to-day, I work alongside our internal and external sales team, along with our production team. I ensure that we always hold the values of the business at heart and offer the perfect customer service every time.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

It’s really difficult to think of anything – in a previous life I was a Rugby Union scrum half. Therefore, I like to talk a lot, so most people know everything about me! One thing that I don’t say enough is that I love my family, friends, colleagues and sport equally.

How do you envision the future of carpet manufacturing?

Fibre-bonded carpet tiles will have an amazing future, and will be used for years to come. I am incredibly excited to reveal what our product development guys have up their sleeve for 2021 and beyond.

What is your favourite product range and why?

It has to be the Array carpet tiles, as they demonstrate just how creative fibre-bonded commercial carpet tiles can be. They’re so good that I even have them in my office!

Finally, favourite biscuit to have with a brew?

As if I would have a biscuit with my tea.. but if I did, it would have to be a chocolate digestive. Just be careful with the dunking.

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The relaunch of our popular Odyssey range is coming soon, ready to take offices and commercial spaces to another world.

This one-of-a-kind range delivers a bold and modern look, perfect for the residential, learning and commercial spaces. With a durable structure, unique design and a wide-ranging colour bank, there are a whole universe of benefits to the refreshed range. You won’t find anything else like it on the planet! Trust us.

In this blog, we share 7 reasons to install our new commercial carpet tile range, Odyssey.

1 – Modern Colour Bank

With the relaunch of Odyssey comes an updated colour range. However, the current bank of colours incorporates deep blues and greys; a palette that can seamlessly blend in to any environment.

In terms of colour psychology, these colours are said to project calmness, stability and wisdom onto the users of a space. For further design options, the Odyssey range can be paired with colours from our Supacord range, giving added highlights and definition.

2 – Intense Durability

Unlike low-quality carpets, the range is made from the highest-quality materials, meaning that it will not ravel or fray. Ideal for office and commercial environments, this carpet can withstand heavy footfall without fading or deteriorating.

Despite the pandemic potentially ending in the coming months, hygiene will remain top priority in commercial and learning environments. Our Odyssey range can withstand the intense cleaning measures necessary to keep spaces spotless.

3 – Unique Designs

Odyssey’s bold design makes a statement, conveying both sophistication and style. It’s brilliant detail draws attention to the floor, and gives the right impression to every user.

The range uses the latest innovations to bring a level of creativity that is unique to the fibre-bonded sector. It’s a place that no fibre-bonded carpet has been before, and you won’t find a carpet like it on earth!

4 – Flexibility

The Odyssey range comes in the form of carpet tiles, which can be easily moved and interchanged. This makes it easier for a space to meet the ever-changing government guideline requirements, which need to be met to promote safety – even after the pandemic.

When placed against clashing or opposing colours, the tiles can be used to create walkways and borders. With rules on social distancing still very much in place, this is a great way to keep people apart and guide them around buildings.

5 – Noise Reduction

Whether it be in a commercial or an office space, it is important that noise levels are kept to a minimum. With a BS EN ISO 140-8: 20dB rating, Odyssey absorbs sound to create a large reduction in impact noise.

The colours in the range also have positive light reflectance ratings, meaning that the carpet is easy on both the eyes and ears.

6 – Cost-effective

Cost is a factor that must be considered when looking to install the perfect carpet for your environment.  It can be easy for contractors to choose a solution that is cheap to buy and cheaply made, however this will fail to stand the test of time.

However, Heckmondwike has a reputation for delivering high quality carpets for an affordable price. We are keen to suggest that customers try before they buy, and that’s why all of our carpet samples are free; including Odyssey.

7 – Office Essentials

As well as being a great commercial carpet, Odyssey is perfect for the office. With many businesses working from home, now is the perfect time to renovate office buildings.

The anti-static qualities of the range also means that it is suitable for use in rooms with computers, making it an incredibly versatile option. Our latest case studies, such as M&N Heating & Plumbing, and Tapper Interiors, exemplify just how Odyssey can transform a space.

To learn more about our Odyssey range, and its relaunch, contact our expert team. Call 01924 406 121 or email sales@heckmondwike-fb.co.uk. 

Following the 2016 Referendum, Brexit saw the United Kingdom withdraw from the European Union on the 31st January 2020. With much uncertainty surrounding the move, one can only predict the consequences to follow.

We can relate to Brexit, in the way that our Supacord carpets were launched in 1973 – the same year that Britain joined the EEC. This goes to show that some things remain, while others don’t.

As a commercial carpet manufacturer with UK production at its core, our customers based in Great Britain will not see any changes to our products or services, and we see Brexit as an opportunity to offer solutions to those who may have previously looked towards overseas suppliers.

However, our vision is not shared by others in the flooring market. Here are some ways we think Brexit will impact the flooring industry.

Tricky business

Brexit will cause the flooring industry to lose many of their customers, even here in the UK. For example, retail and high-street chains, in particular, will have anxieties of their own surrounding Brexit and may choose to cut back on interior design renovations. However, sectors that go ahead with renovation are likely to opt for British manufacturers.

Also, as the UK is one of the main markets in the European carpet industry, if importing becomes a luxury many European countries will lose out on business. To combat this, those in the UK carpet industry must conduct extensive research into the requirements of British customers, to widely appeal to them.

In order to do this, UK flooring companies must reconsider factors such as the materials, colours and patterns of the carpets they manufacture. Carpets that are available in a selection of colours and designs will be favoured, such as those in our Array collection.

Struggling supplies

Most of the raw materials used in carpets are purchased from abroad. This means that more money must be invested in UK manufacturing – a trend seen across a number of other industries which heavily rely on importation.

Our UK carpet manufacturer holds significant stocks of fibre raw material, alongside finished carpet rolls and tiles – with our manufacturing processes operating throughout the year to provide the latter. Almost 90 percent of our suppliers are also based in the country, meaning that we should be in a comfortable position for the future.

Changing tastes

In the five years since the Brexit vote, it’s safe to say that a lot has changed. Tastes are just one of the trends that have altered dramatically over the years. We can reflect and learn from them to predict what is to come.

For example, in interior design, carpet tiles have soared in popularity due to their versatile, durable and movable properties. They can be interchanged with ease, and be installed and removed with minimal disruption. The coronavirus pandemic has fueled this demand, as customers look for practical solutions.

The industry must think fast to meet demands, a trait that was reflected in the quick launch of our Social Distancing Carpet Tiles last year. We quickly identified that the customer wanted a stylish, more permanent, interior alternative to hazard tape and stickers during the pandemic, that would stand the test of time until no longer needed.

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