Supacord, Protecting our future, one school at a time

Supacord, Protecting our future, one school at a time

13 September 2016

Heckmondwike FB, the leading specialist in heavy contract fibre bonded carpets and carpet tiles, has worked with over 26,000 schools to provide tailor-made carpets suited to their specifications. With the recent RIBA survey confirming innovative products and strong materials – like Heckmondwike’s Supacord – positively impact teacher and pupil morale, soft-furnishings are becoming an even more important part of school renovations and should be prioritised at the start of any new project.

Following the release and review of RIBA’s˟ survey looking into the impact on performance pre and post re-design, the research shows that both teachers and pupils reap the benefits when it comes to a thoughtfully designed building. The design of an education building, or rather the poor design of it, has been linked to peer on peer bullying, low performance and a decline in teacher morale. And, with secondary school places due to go up by an estimated 105,000 by 2025˟, good design is needed to suit all demands.

Achieving this in practice with limited budgets and numerous people to cater for can remain a challenging task. Interior fitting needs to reflect the atmosphere of a school and create an environment to suit everyone. With different levels of traffic and different levels of performance required, carpet specification is a tricky business. With the ability to choose one of 32 readily available colour options and unique designs available, Supacord makes choosing the carpet simple.

Supacord is available and produced in the UK, and can be ordered in either a fibre bonded sheet or as carpet tiles, making it unique for spaces of any shape or size. Heckmondwike is renowned for making sure complete satisfaction with all installations, and offer a guarantee of up to 10 years with Supacord and many of its other products. With 85% of its annual flooring turnover laid in Education buildings, Heckmondwike FB has done what it does best and put that knowledge and legacy to good use by making a product designed specifically for buildings and projects that are looking for a long-term product at a reasonable cost.

Sharni Verity, Marketing Manager at Heckmondwike, says: Heckmondwike has been working in education buildings for a long-time and has used all of this experience to create a product we’re proud of and we know is fit for purpose. Supacord is durable and designed for long-term benefits, as well as being made in Britain, allowing quick delivery times. When Supacord is fitted, Heckmondwike make sure this is done exactly to customer specification, and guarantee every area for 10 years.

For more information about Supacord and to view the latest designs, please visit Heckmondwike’s website.