Student Accommodation Carpet – It’s Not Just About Durability

Student Accommodation Carpet – It’s Not Just About Durability

30 June 2017

If you are over forty, the phrase “student accommodation” will probably conjure up a whole host of mental images. If you then add the word “carpet” to “student accommodation”, you will most likely think of words like: “durable” and “hard-wearing”. Fast forward to the world of educational facilities management in 2017, and the potential damage from high footfall and high jinks, is only part of the story for the facilities manager at a university or college, or business manager or owner of student accommodation.

With the end of the academic year looming, many universities and colleges are planning to refurbish or replace their student accommodation flooring. So what five things characterise the perfect carpet for student accommodation, be it halls of residence, house or flat share, a room in a private house or private rental?


It must be durable

Yes, durability is at number one. Longevity is undeniably the most important consideration when it comes to carpet, especially carpet in student accommodation, which must be able to withstand heavy footfall and the inevitable wear and tear that comes with student life. Our Supacord carpet has a robust, tight rib structure, plus anti-slip properties which makes it ideal for student accommodation; it provides a durable and stylish flooring solution for bedrooms, corridors and communal areas.


It must have wide appeal

Universities have been affected by some funding issues, influenced by the wider economic climate. This has led educational establishments to develop creative, budget-enhancing initiatives, including the rental of student halls of residence during the winter, spring, and summer holiday periods. Conference delegates and tourists pay to stay in student accommodation during holiday periods; so interiors, including carpets, must have a wide visual appeal, alongside the durability required for term-time activities.Our Array carpet tiles are available in a broad range of muted colourways that blend well with contrasting colour options from the Broadrib range. Both ranges are the perfect choice for areas that need to look great, whilst offering that essential long-term performance.


It must help to keep the peace

In the acoustic sense at least! A carpet that minimises the chance of sound reverberation is surely a must in busy, student accommodation. Our Array carpet is designed specifically for educational applications, and includes an acoustic layer to help keep noise transmission low; absolutely essential in student accommodation!


It must support sustainability goals

Most universities have a green manifesto and aim to embed sustainability and social responsibility into all of their processes. Our products are all proudly made in Yorkshire, with the fibres also sourced locally, lowering our carbon footprint significantly. Our fibre bonded carpet, with its thermal properties, helps to keep the costs of energy bills down in student accommodation. Our Supacord carpet tiles include thermal properties to conserve heat, helping to keep accommodation warm in the cooler months and provide comfort underfoot. This is also great for student rental agreements that have the heating costs included.


Maintenance must not be difficult or expensive

Different types of accommodation will have differing levels of traffic and will require specific performance qualities from a carpet. Entrance and communal areas in halls of residence for example, will have significant footfall and require harder-wearing carpet, like that in our Hippo range.

If due consideration is given to the required performance of your carpet at the outset, maintenance become a piece of cake. There is however no escaping regular cleaning in educational buildings and always remember, if not maintained, carpets can become damaged and lose both its performance and aesthetic qualities quickly.

Durability is important when it comes to selecting the right carpet for student accommodation, but don’t overlook aesthetic, acoustic, sustainability and maintenance considerations; your perfect carpet is waiting for you.

All our carpets are made with the quality our customers have come to expect from us over the last 100 years. They are antistatic, anti-slip, won’t fray and are proudly British made.