Our Top 8 Classroom Decoration Ideas

Our Top 8 Classroom Decoration Ideas

24 April 2023

Is your classroom looking dull and outdated? Sometimes all you need to create the perfect learning environment is a little inspiration. Keep reading for our classroom decoration ideas to get your student’s creative juices flowing. 

Why is classroom decoration important?

The classroom is where students spent the majority of their day, therefore it’s important that the classroom decoration motivates and inspires them. According to a study by The University of Salford, classroom design can impact pupils’ learning by 25%, so it’s vital that the below factors are considered in your new classroom. Our classroom decoration ideas below are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Use colour to create a calm environment 

Colour is a huge part of classroom decoration, and can even be used to help change or encourage mood and behaviours.  Most teachers want their classroom to be a place of calm for their students – something that’s particularly important for primary school students. Blue and green are colours that have often been associated with a feeling of calm, along with having the abilities to reduce stress or anxiety. 

You can read more about colour psychology over on the Verywell Mind website.

Create break-out zones 

Using the same theory as the above, colour can also be used to create break-out zones.  For younger children, having carpeted areas in different colours for dedicated reading and activities can be a good way to help them focus on the task at hand. Pink is often associated with fun, while orange can be used to help motivate and encourage positivity.

Consider the classroom acoustics 

Lots of children in one classroom can soon become extremely noisy! This can soon become a problem if children are unable to hear the teacher properly. This is particularly important for students with special needs, who may become stressed by a lot of noise.  Therefore, ensuring that your acoustics are sound is a crucial thing to consider in your classroom decoration.

Commercial carpet is an effective way to reduce noise reverberation in the classroom. Many of our fibre-bonded collections also have the option to add additional acoustic backing, which will further reduce noise at school. 

Create wall displays 

Wall displays can act as a very important teaching aid to assist in visual learning. The displays can often be centred around a specific topic or theme for the month, which helps to embed information. Displaying their work on the walls can also help to motivate pupils and make them feel good about their work. 

Incorporate plants and biophilic design

Biophilic Design is a concept that brings a touch of the outside into an indoor space and is something that can easily be utilised into your classroom design. Studies have shown that introducing plants into the classroom can boost air quality and improve mood – who wouldn’t want this in the classroom! So why not pop some plants on window sills or in reading areas? You’ll be able to watch your students grow and flourish. 

Sensory furnishings

For primary school children and children with special needs, sensory furnishings can help them to focus amongst the chaos of the classroom. Consider adding things like cushions, mats and beanbags to help relieve stress and create a relaxing haven away from the learning environment.

Interactive designs 

Interaction with the surroundings in the classroom is an important aspect of cognitive development, and can help to fine tune motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Providing lots of opportunities like sand boxes and patterns on your flooring is a brilliant way to boost this type of learning.

Choose a suitable flooring

Comfort in the classroom is key, and flooring is the main factor in this. Our fibre-bonded commercial carpet provides a soft yet robust surface for learning and play, while being easy to maintain.

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