New Odyssey Carpet Tiles Ready for Launch

New Odyssey Carpet Tiles Ready for Launch

2 June 2021

Heckmondwike FB has launched its celebrated design-led commercial carpet tile range, Odyssey.

Pairing a bold design with durable features, Odyssey is completely unique to the fibre bonded carpet sector.

One of a kind, eye-catching interiors have never before been so easy to create. Contrasting colours are ideal for walkways, social distancing, or contemporary breakout spaces. The 50cm x 50cm tiles are interchangeable and can be easily moved, allowing for continuing customisation for years to come.

Encouraging further creativity, Heckmondwike also suggests mixing and matching with their leading Supacord range for particularly striking designs. Choosing contrasting, strong colours will really pop against the cool tones of Odyssey for an original look.

The diverse nature of the carpet tiles presents endless design benefits. Chevrons, checks, and geometric patterns add character to any commercial area. Placing two alternating colours to create directional walkways and contrasting blocks can help to distinguish between specific areas, creating zones within open-plan spaces. Easy to lift and move, the tiles can be swapped to adapt to your changing needs.

The updated range includes six specially curated colours in a range of modern blues and greys, blending effortlessly into any space. These shades are said to promote wisdom and calmness, the ideal environment for working or commercial areas.

With Covid-19 bringing increased cleaning measures, this product has been built to withstand regular and intense sanitisation. A study in the Virology Journal recently found that carpets are less hospitable environments for viruses due to their porous qualities, making Odyssey the ideal purchase.

Odyssey has been developed with superior durability, withstanding heavy footfall and not ravelling or fraying. This heavy contract rated carpet is supported by a 10-year warranty, promising long-lasting, quality results.

Luckily, high quality does not mean a high price tag, and Heckmondwike value affordability. Instead of using cheap alternatives, the company encourages customers to try a free sample before they invest. Odyssey holds a Bfl-s1 fire, has anti-static properties and delivers a 20dB reduction in impact noise to encourage a more positive environment.

A truly out-of-this-world range, the relaunched Odyssey range is available now.

To learn more about Heckmondwike’s Odyssey range and its relaunch, contact the company’s expert team. Call 01924 406 161 or email