How Universities Will Change This September Due To COVID-19

How Universities Will Change This September Due To COVID-19

14 September 2020

This month, it’s back to school and back to university for many but what does the new normal look like?

University has for generations been strongly associated with socialisation, as well as education. However, with stringent covid-secure measures in place until further notice, on campus will be a lot different, as will the student experience.

According to UCAS, young people were not deterred by the new circumstances, and lockdown saw a record number of hopeful university applicants. In this blog, we explore how student spaces will change and how to pandemic proof spaces easily with carpet design.

Social Bubbles

Social bubbles will be introduced to separate students into small groups, according to their undergraduate course. They will live and study with this select group, attending small and controlled face-to-face seminars.

As the classrooms will feel more empty, classroom layouts will be adapted to create cosy spaces, where students can feel relaxed. Warm colours, like red, orange and yellow will be favoured for interior design to create a comfortable and inviting space.

One-way Systems

Despite many exams being held online, students will be able to opt to take exams inside university buildings too – in which case, they must be clearly directed to their desk. To help with this, and many other new scenarios, one-way systems are likely to be implemented to guide staff and students.

Our Social Distancing Carpet Tiles can reinforce important messages, aid with wayfinding and remind people to keep a safe distance. With important messages laser engraved with Fusion technology, they will stand the test of time and last as long as they are needed.

Student Health and Wellbeing

Hygiene will be paramount in universities, both on and off campus, with strict cleaning measures in place. There will be reduction in the use of lecture theatres, as they would need an unmanageable amount of cleaning to become safe environments.

As well as physical health, student’s mental health must be cared for and taken seriously. Many universities will face the challenge of creating safe work and social environments, so students can still interact with their peers and lecturers. Flooring can be used to create visual safe spaces and borders which enable students to mingle, whilst maintaining social distancing measures.

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