How to Get Paint out of Carpet

How to Get Paint out of Carpet

1 September 2023

As a popular classroom material, paint is found in schools across the country and helps children get creative. Trying to get it out of the carpet, however, is a real challenge. Our blog will help you remove pesky paint stains from your classroom carpets before they cause a real mess.

How to protect classroom carpets from paint

The best way to get paint out of a carpet, is to make sure it never gets on there in the first place! We advise taking precautions to protect any space which may get splashed with paint before bringing it out. The best way to do this is by covering carpets with a protective material, like canvas sheets. For a cheaper alternative, try using old newspapers.


4 ways to get paint out of carpet

Here are some ways you can remove paint from your classroom carpet. Before using any of these methods, we recommend doing a small patch test and clearing the classroom of any children.



1. Acetone – for acrylic paint


When it comes to getting acrylic paint out of carpets, Acetone is a great solution. It breaks down the paint, making it easier to remove from your carpet. Add a small amount to an old cloth, enough to wet it, and gently dab. Be sure to open windows and wear a mask to cope with the fumes.


2. Water and alcohol – for washable paint


Most washable paint can be easily removed from carpets using water. First, dampen a sponge with water and wipe the stains from the outside to the centre. This will help to keep the stain to a smaller area. If it’s a trickier stain, you can also dampen a sponge with alcohol and use a blotting motion to absorb it. Be sure to wash your hands, and change your sponge as often as needed.


3. Putty knife and turpentine – for oil-based paint


Most oil-based paint can be removed quickly by scraping it with a putty knife, especially if it is still fresh. Avoid scrubbing the paint, which could lead to further staining. Simply bring the putty knife beneath the paint and lift it away from the carpet. Remove the last bits by adding some turpentine to an old cloth, and blotting the stain to help separate the paint from the carpet fibres.


4. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service


Whilst the methods above do work for simple stains, sometimes paint can be stubbornly stuck to classroom carpets. For these, you may need to hire a professional cleaning service to save your carpet tiles. If the tile is unable to be rescued, we do sell replacements.


Can dried paint be removed from carpet?


Remember, time is of the essence when dealing with any type of stain. However, when working in a busy school environment, it’s easy to miss stains until after they’re dry. The good news is, many forms of dried paint can be removed from carpet if you are careful. Using a scraper and a well-positioned vacuum, most dry paint stains can be easily lifted.


After using any of the methods described, remember to clean the area thoroughly. For advice on how to do this, please see our blog, How to Clean your commercial carpet.


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