How to Choose the Best Carpet for Apartments

How to Choose the Best Carpet for Apartments

24 June 2021

Choosing the right carpet is a crucial consideration when designing any space, especially when planning interior design for apartment complexes. Many values must be considered, including design, durability and even acoustics.

In this blog, our commercial carpet company outlines which carpet styles are ideal for apartment buildings, to create the perfect blend between well-being and practicality.

Iconic Design


In the world of carpets, styles and product types are constantly changing to keep up with design trends. They are becoming more and more creative, combining cutting edge technology with an awareness of industry needs.

Carpet tiles provide endless patterns, colours and designs, making them ideal to renovate and spruce up dated apartment floors. Modern colours and designs can give the right impression to space users, firmly conveying professionalism and style.

Cosy and Warm


Apartment buildings are residential spaces, so it is essential that they’re comfortable and welcoming, because they are people’s homes. Carpet and other soft furnishings can work to create a cosy atmosphere, whilst keeping in warmth.

Furthermore, apartments can be expensive to heat, with 10-20% of the heat loss of a home coming from uninsulated floors. The right carpet can help with insulation, allowing heat to be trapped and retained. Thick and dense carpets are the best option, such as our classic Hobnail range.

Amazing Acoustics


As a multitude of people live in apartment complexes, noise control is essential. Although innovations such as thick walls and sound proofing can help with this, carpet can also play a part.

According to the American Society of Interior Designers, carpets are 10 times more efficient in reducing sound than other flooring types, helping to destroy reverberations and echoes in a space. This increases homeliness, privacy and comfort for residents. Our Iron Duke range reduces noise impact by 18 decibels per sheet, as per BS En ISO 140-8 standard, so is the perfect choice.

Functional Flexibility


Apartments are often refurbished and modernised, so require flexible, cost effective flooring options. This is particularly crucial in the current climate, when residential spaces must be able to quickly adapt to the latest covid-friendly government guidelines.

Carpet tiles can be moved around easily, without replacing the whole floor, which makes them the perfect choice for apartment buildings. This means that if a portion of the carpet is damaged, only the affected tiles need to be replaced, reducing costs and inconvenience.



Shared areas of apartments, such as hallways and corridors, foresee the coming and going of residents every day. The flooring must therefore be able to withstand increasingly heavy footfall, whilst remaining clean and hygienic.

Fibre bonded carpet tiles can withstand heavy footfall, as well as intensive cleaning measures; two things which are part of daily life in an apartment building. Both the Hobnail and Iron Duke carpet tile ranges are designed with demanding environments in mind, helping lower maintenance costs.

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