Heckmondwike’s Bespoke Entrance Carpet Design Takes Some Beating

Heckmondwike’s Bespoke Entrance Carpet Design Takes Some Beating

26 April 2017

Heckmondwike FB, the UK’s leading fibre bonded carpet manufacturer, is showing how the sky really is the limit with its bespoke entrance area carpet designs.

Over the past few years, Heckmondwike FB has created some truly inspirational carpet designs by integrating bespoke logos and customised colours into entrance areas, ranging from football clubs to top hotels, schools and universities.

Kat Keshmiri, Marketing Manager at Heckmondwike FB, said: “We can do pretty much anything to create a logo design or branding message as we have a wide choice of shades and can closely match corporate colours. Some really well-known brands have chosen our bespoke logos and it’s great to see the impact they make. Our bespoke entrance area carpet is also known for being very durable, which means it creates a great impression in a building – for the long term!”

Heckmondwike FB offers bespoke logos and designs in its Diamond heavy contract carpet, which can be incorporated into a mat or inlaid into the floorcovering. All the customer needs to do is to decide on their design, then they can choose from 20 colour options, which can be closely matched to corporate colours and logos.

Kat Keshmiri continues: “Customers often choose subtle or neutral colours for their entrance areas, which are then incorporated with bespoke designs of logos and emblems to reflect the personality or branding of the organisation. Schools and colleges often choose ‘special’ colours or designs which have particular meaning for their organisation.”

Heckmondwike FB’s fibre bonded carpet is ideal for ensuring the designs within the entrance area remain practical because they can be cut on site and will not ravel or fray.

Not only do these bespoke designs provide an attractive appearance, but Heckmondwike FB’s range is produced using heavy weight fibres, which offer a tough, durable surface that acts as an effective barrier and interceptor for dirt, grit and moisture.

A bespoke entrance area sample card is now available from Heckmondwike FB, which showcases the company’s full range of designs, textures and colours, specifically for entrances.

Heckmondwike FB’s sample cards are available to order via the website www.heckmondwike-fb.co.uk.or by calling+44 [0] 1924 406161.