How Classrooms Will Change Due to COVID-19

How Classrooms Will Change Due to COVID-19

9 July 2020

With social distancing in effect until further notice and, like many other institutions, schools must adapt to the ‘new normal’. Interior design within classrooms and workspaces need to change to allow improved hygiene and personal space. There is a lot of debate over how this will happen when schools fully reopen in September, but here’s what we predict will change.

Hygienic flooring

Although measures such as strict cleaning and distancing of furnishings are existing short-term solutions, long-term solutions are needed. The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity for schools to renovate their classrooms and workspaces. Studies suggest that Covid-19 does not linger for long on porous surfaces, like carpet, so many schools are likely to turn to this as the safest flooring solution.

Increased focus on student wellbeing

It’s been a tricky time for pupils, as they typically thrive in the classroom. Therefore, any space should be a place of creativity and inspiration. Carpet design can help create a perfect positive working environment. The carpet tiles in our Array range are available in 24 different colours, with bespoke designs available on request. So, pupils can be effortlessly motivated in their colourful surroundings.

One-way systems

Students will be directed throughout school and in classrooms with one-way systems. With increased footfall on the same path, the flooring must be high-quality and durable. Our Social Distancing Carpet Tiles remind pupils to follow the rules and help with wayfinding, making them a great solution. With laser engraved arrows, our range of bespoke tiles are especially useful for one-way systems and remind pupils and staff alike to keep a safe distance.

Focus on flexibility

The sooner schools are COVID-proof, the sooner pupils can return safely. Therefore, there is an increased focus around functionality, rather than cosmetic appearance. Flexibility is key, as spaces can become multi-purpose and adapted to suit different activities and varying pupil needs. All our carpet tiles can be easily lifted and moved, enabling schools to fully utilise classrooms and spaces to their highest ability.

Heckmondwike’s Social Distancing Carpet Tiles are now available to purchase, however, due to the current situation, we are unable to provide samples of the product. For more information or to purchase your carpet tiles, please call us directly on 01924 406 161 or email: