Getting the right carpet for apartment communal areas

Getting the right carpet for apartment communal areas

5 July 2019

When developing new apartment complexes, or refurbishing an existing residence, a key consideration is how to create communal areas that serve a purpose, look atheistically pleasing and stand the test of time.

A crucial part of that is the carpet. As Heckmondwike FB is one of the UK-leading manufacturers of fibre-bonded heavy contract carpet and carpet tiles, the company has expertise in producing products for communal areas of apartment complexes.

Here are some top tips for specifying carpets for apartment communal areas:

Be versatile

In an installation, one carpet may be required for several different areas. For example, if a specifier is looking for the same finish in the corridors, stairs and meeting areas, it would be sensible to use the same carpet or carpet tiles – especially one that is risk-averse and suitable for heavy contract use, due to large footfalls in those particular areas.

Supacord is the perfect example of this – with hard wearing, non-ravel, non-fray properties, a ten-year wear warranty, and 42 colours to choose from, Supacord can be specified with confidence for almost any requirement in an apartment complex. 

Add some colour

Traditionally, communal areas may have been considered a dull part of an apartment, only there to act as a functional measure as people move from one room to another.

However, many modern developments are vibrant, with hints of bright colours used on the walls and soft furnishings.

Adding colour to the carpet can also be a great way to match the colour scheme of a room, or be used to create breakout sections on the floor.

Heckmondwike FB’s Array range is the perfect design-led option to add a splash of colour to corridors and communal areas – with a striking pattern that will stand out in any installation.

Focus on footfall

Entrances and corridors are often the most used part of an apartment complex, with people coming and going throughout the day. In the mind of designers, entrances can be a great place to set the tone for the building – providing a light environment that welcomes residents and visitors.

However, when looking at heavy trafficked areas, the carpet choice is crucial.

Not only has the carpet got to be strong enough to withstand footfall for a sustained period of time without showing wear and tear, but it has also got to ensure that outside debris does not ruin the carpet throughout the apartment.

Manufactured specifically for entrance areas, Battleship/Hippo is suitable for the most demanding of spaces – ensuring carpets throughout the apartment area protected.  For corridors, Heckmondwike FB’s Dreadnought is suitable due to its diagonal rib and heavy structure. 

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