Heckmondwike is a manufacturer of fibre bonded carpets and carpet tiles based in Liversedge, West Yorkshire.


The company is committed to environmentally responsible business practices. Although Heckmondwike acknowledges that its processes can result in environmental impacts and pollution, the company looks for every opportunity to minimise any impact on the environment.


At Heckmondwike, we..


  • Ensure environmental issues are considered in all key business decisions.


  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and have full accreditation to BS EN ISO 14001: 2015 and appropriate industry codes of practice. Where possible, integrate environmental management system practices with existing quality, health and safety and business management systems.


  • Achieve a high and sustained level of staff environmental awareness and encourage environmentally responsible practices throughout the organisation.


  • Regularly set and monitor the achievement of environmental objectives to promote continuous improvement.


  • Assess environmental aspects and impacts prior to starting any new activity, project or building new facilities.


  • Make our products as environmentally friendly as possible, with key ranges assessed to BREEAM standards.


  • Encourage waste minimisation and recycling throughout the company and during the life cycle of our products.


  • Minimise the adverse environmental impacts of waste generation and promote the safe and responsible disposal of waste.


  • Develop a proactive approach to encourage good environmental practices by all our contractors and suppliers.


  • Communicate with all interested parties, by providing up to date information on environmental issues relevant to the business.


  • Minimise the risk of pollution using controlled methods of containing, reporting and cleaning up in the unlikely event of an accident.



Download our full environmental handbook here