7 reasons to install our NEW Odyssey range

7 reasons to install our NEW Odyssey range

25 February 2021

The relaunch of our popular Odyssey range is coming soon, ready to take offices and commercial spaces to another world.

This one-of-a-kind range delivers a bold and modern look, perfect for the residential, learning and commercial spaces. With a durable structure, unique design and a wide-ranging colour bank, there are a whole universe of benefits to the refreshed range. You won’t find anything else like it on the planet! Trust us.

In this blog, we share 7 reasons to install our new commercial carpet tile range, Odyssey.

1 – Modern Colour Bank

With the relaunch of Odyssey comes an updated colour range. However, the current bank of colours incorporates deep blues and greys; a palette that can seamlessly blend in to any environment.

In terms of colour psychology, these colours are said to project calmness, stability and wisdom onto the users of a space. For further design options, the Odyssey range can be paired with colours from our Supacord range, giving added highlights and definition.

2 – Intense Durability

Unlike low-quality carpets, the range is made from the highest-quality materials, meaning that it will not ravel or fray. Ideal for office and commercial environments, this carpet can withstand heavy footfall without fading or deteriorating.

Despite the pandemic potentially ending in the coming months, hygiene will remain top priority in commercial and learning environments. Our Odyssey range can withstand the intense cleaning measures necessary to keep spaces spotless.

3 – Unique Designs

Odyssey’s bold design makes a statement, conveying both sophistication and style. It’s brilliant detail draws attention to the floor, and gives the right impression to every user.

The range uses the latest innovations to bring a level of creativity that is unique to the fibre-bonded sector. It’s a place that no fibre-bonded carpet has been before, and you won’t find a carpet like it on earth!

4 – Flexibility

The Odyssey range comes in the form of carpet tiles, which can be easily moved and interchanged. This makes it easier for a space to meet the ever-changing government guideline requirements, which need to be met to promote safety – even after the pandemic.

When placed against clashing or opposing colours, the tiles can be used to create walkways and borders. With rules on social distancing still very much in place, this is a great way to keep people apart and guide them around buildings.

5 – Noise Reduction

Whether it be in a commercial or an office space, it is important that noise levels are kept to a minimum. With a BS EN ISO 140-8: 20dB rating, Odyssey absorbs sound to create a large reduction in impact noise.

The colours in the range also have positive light reflectance ratings, meaning that the carpet is easy on both the eyes and ears.

6 – Cost-effective

Cost is a factor that must be considered when looking to install the perfect carpet for your environment.  It can be easy for contractors to choose a solution that is cheap to buy and cheaply made, however this will fail to stand the test of time.

However, Heckmondwike has a reputation for delivering high quality carpets for an affordable price. We are keen to suggest that customers try before they buy, and that’s why all of our carpet samples are free; including Odyssey.

7 – Office Essentials

As well as being a great commercial carpet, Odyssey is perfect for the office. With many businesses working from home, now is the perfect time to renovate office buildings.

The anti-static qualities of the range also means that it is suitable for use in rooms with computers, making it an incredibly versatile option. Our latest case studies, such as M&N Heating & Plumbing, and Tapper Interiors, exemplify just how Odyssey can transform a space.

To learn more about our Odyssey range, and its relaunch, contact our expert team. Call 01924 406 121 or email sales@heckmondwike-fb.co.uk.