6 Benefits of Commercial Carpet in the Classroom

6 Benefits of Commercial Carpet in the Classroom

14 June 2022

Classrooms are bustling, lively environments. Students and teachers are constantly coming and going, but the space still needs to be calm and tranquil enough to allow students to thrive. 

What’s more, a classroom needs to be designed to inspire and foster big ambitions. Therefore, it should incorporate colours and patterns that stimulate learning, without distracting students from their studies. 

Flooring is one of the most important decisions when it comes to classroom design. Underfoot all the time, the right flooring can make or break a learning environment. 

Commercial carpet is an ideal choice for the classroom for so many reasons. From acoustics to cost-effective design options, we’ve listed 6 benefits of installing commercial carpet in the classroom.

1. Amazing Acoustics

Commercial carpets are ten times more efficient at reducing sound than other flooring types. In fact, experts believe that commercial carpet can reduce airborne noise by up to 35%. 

In the classroom, absorbing noise is crucial to maintaining a calm learning environment. From conversation, to scraping chairs, to moving desks, there is so much background noise that needs to be minimised.

Our fibre bonded carpets have been carefully designed to absorb as much noise as possible. In fact, our Supacord commercial carpet sheets can absorb 22dB of noise! This can be improved even further with our special acoustic backing.

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2. Incredible Insulation

Commercial carpet is a very good thermal insulator, as the fibres in the material trap heat, keeping rooms warmer for longer and stopping heat from escaping through the floor. In the winter, this is a huge plus for schools looking to save on heating costs. 

What’s more, even if the classroom is cold, Heckmondwike fibre-bonded carpets will still feel warm to the touch. This is a must for primary schools where children have to sit on the floor. 

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3. Safety is the Top Priority

In classrooms, students’ safety and well-being have to come first. Unlike hardwood floors, our fibre bonded carpets prevent slips and falls. They are hard-wearing, and will not ravel or fray, so you can have confidence in classroom safety for years to come. 

Heckmondwike also offers a range of entrance and transition area products, to make sure that corridors and entrance halls are just as safe as the classrooms in an education building.

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4. Inspiring Design

Commercial carpet is a great, low-cost way to introduce a pop of colour, or an interesting pattern into the classroom. By choosing a captivating carpet, classroom designers can save money by making the rest of the classroom fairly simple, so as not to distract or overwhelm students. 

Our Array and Odyssey ranges feature engaging patterns in a broad variety of colours, to brighten up any classroom environment. They can be interchanged with tiles from our bestselling Supacord range to create a checkerboard pattern, break out areas, walkways and anything else you can come up with! 

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5. Better Hygiene

Since the pandemic, hygiene has become a renowned focus in schools. Hygienic classrooms can reduce the transmission of illnesses, which improves attendance, helping students learn. 

Contrary to popular opinion, installing fibre-bonded carpet can actually improve classroom hygiene, if it’s cleaned regularly. This is because commercial carpet traps viruses and bacteria in the gaps between fibres, reducing the likelihood of transmission.

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6. Comfort

Last but certainly not least, comfort is key in the classroom. Students can’t learn to the best of their ability if they don’t feel relaxed and reassured in the classroom. This is where our fibre-bonded carpets come into their own, making any classroom space feel cosy and welcoming.

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Not only are they comfortable, Heckmondwike commercial carpets for education come with a seal of approval from those who count.

If you’re looking to renovate your education space this summer, why not request a free carpet sample, by contacting 01924 406 161 or emailingsales@heckmondwike-fb.co.uk.