5 Ways to Brighten up Your School With Fibre Bonded Carpet

5 Ways to Brighten up Your School With Fibre Bonded Carpet

2 August 2022

Every student has a bright future ahead of them, so why should your school’s design settle for any less? 

Experts at the University of Salford have found that classroom design contributes to 16% of students’ learning rates. Therefore, it may be time for you to inject some more colour into your classrooms. What better way to do this than to invest in new fibre bonded carpet designs? 

1. Creating Zones and Breakout Rooms

Implementing certain colour schemes throughout schools can influence students’ mood and mindset in positive ways. It may also be worth creating certain zones and breakout rooms with different carpet colours. 

For younger children who have carpeted learning, different colours can be used to signify dedicated reading, play and learning zones. Use blue tones in areas that require focus, green to motivate and pink to associate fun in the play zones. 

In secondary schools, the same concept can be used but with breakout rooms for students to relax in, work together or study independently. Not only does this create an inspirational space for students, but it will also help to add a pop of colour into their day to boost morale. 

2. Use Shapes and Patterns 

Using shapes and prints on carpets can help to encourage creativity, especially with early years. Shapes such as stars can be added to carpet tiles, to make going to school even more fun.

It may also be beneficial to add numbers or letters onto carpet tiles, to help younger children learn and improve their memory recall when learning the alphabet and mathematics. In the same way, numbers can advise on classroom numbers without additional signage.

When you opt for our Fusion range, we can brand any logo, shape or print into our carpet tiles. Available in a range of colours, it has never been easier to personalise your space.

3. Make a Lasting First Impression

Every school is different and has its own unique logo and branding. Why not show this off by building your logo into entrance halls and welcome mats? As well as adding a splash of colour to grab attention, it will also help give a professional and welcoming feel to prospective students and parents. 

4. Use Carpet Planks

Carpet planks offer places of education the chance to create a completely unique look, with a wider variety of design options. Using rectangular planks rather than squares can offer a different kind of aesthetic and look particularly pleasant in secondary schools. 

Use monochrome planks in black and grey to create a herringbone pattern across the floor. The contrasting colours will inspire creativity among students as well as looking striking and stylish to guests.

5. Creative Walkway Solutions

Walkways are arguably one of the most important areas within a school. They are essential to ensure students can get between lessons and breaks both easily and safely. Naturally, these walkways might be one of the first places that are forgotten about in the sea of students travelling around the school. Imagine how nice it would be to brighten these up with some colour, and put an efficient system in place?

Different coloured carpet tiles or arrows can be used throughout walkways to create a handy system so that students don’t bump into each other during changeover times. 

Our fibre bonded Array and Broadrib carpet tiles are perfect for creating walkway borders, and are super reliable to use in areas like corridors, where there is heavy footfall. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss any bespoke requirements for your school or classrooms.